Specialised Industrial cleaning

We’re Industrial Cleaning Specialists. 



Not every cleaning company is ready to tackle the challenges of industrial and manufacturing facilities. That’s why every Satco operator has been trained and certified for their industrial cleaning expertise. Our cleaners are familiar with the best products to use for different types of dirt, dust, residue, and grime, and know the right strategies to use for different types of industrial spaces.

The Industrial environment can present a particular and sometimes unique cleaning challenge, due to access issues, confined or high spaces and the nature of the processes involved and the by-products that need to be cleaned away and removed. Ideal Specialised Industrial Services have many, many years of experience across a diverse spectrum of industrial environments and have many tried and tested methodologies to achieve the desired results within time and within budget.

Industries in which we have previously provided specialist services include: Power Generation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Steel Production, Aggregates, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Food Production and Packaging, Warehousing and Distribution, Ready made Garments sector, IT and Data Centres, Medical and Clinical etc.

Few spaces face the kinds of cleaning challenges found in manufacturing facilities and industrial workplaces. When you work in a heavy-duty environment, industrial-grade cleaning is essential to keeping your workers safe and your workplace productive. Fight back against your workplace’s toughest cleaning challenges with industrial cleaning services from your local Satco cleaning & pest control services.